Saturday, January 22, 2011

Menu Plan - Week of 1-24-11

My husband is still kicking some serious diet ass!  He is down another 5 pounds this week.  As for me... let's not discuss that! My plan hasn't exactly been regimented as closely as his, and on top of that I was in Atlanta for two days on a work trip this past week - not exactly diet friendly to be eating out every meal! 

So here we go. I listed my meals, and my husband's meals will consist of chicken, hamburger, steak, or roast - with asparagus or mushrooms as a side. Or some other kind of vegetable. My little guy is easy to please, with grilled cheese and green beans, or something along those lines. Let's get this weight loss started again!

Monday -  Penne with diced tomatoes
Tuesday - Baked potato, broccoli
Wednesday - Mac & Cheese, chicken breast, green beans
Thursday - Baked potato, broccoli
Friday - Sirloin Steak, Caprese salad

Groceries to buy this week:
Veggies for DH:  mushrooms, asparagus, ??
(3) yogurt
White Cheddar
Real Mozz Cheese
Roma Tomatoes
Crackers for Calvin

(edited for links & veggies and grocery list)

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