Monday, February 28, 2011

Menu Plan - Week of 2-28-11

Good morning everyone!

I took a week off from pretending to menu plan.  We did actually make the sliders last week, and that's about it!  I just made baked cod with roasted asparagus for tonight's dinner, which fits perfectly into my husband's diet. Speaking of which, he is down another 6.6 pounds this week, for a grand total of 47 pounds!  He is doing so great! 

Let's look at what we can make this week, we'll focus on things that are a little different than chicken, burgers, or steak since we're in something of a rut.

Monday - Stuffed Baked Potatoes (A), Chicken and Mushrooms (J)
Tuesday - Baked tilapia with lemon pepper, roasted red potatoes, asparagus
Wednesday - Steamed shrimp (J) over angel hair with diced italian tomatoes (A)
Thursday - Chicken fajita salads
Friday - Steamed shrimp (J) scampi with mac and cheese (A), roasted broccoli

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Menu Plan - Week of 2-14-11

I am terrible at making what I plan lately! I think I need to get a bit ahead of myself. Typically I've been grocery shopping during the week, which means that last week I didn't have anything for the queso, or anything else!  Gotta keep trying though.

Speaking of "keep trying"... my husband is down 38.8 pounds. Can you believe it!? I have nowhere near that weight loss... I'll share when I start dropping pounds again.  I did clock two separate occasions on the elliptical this week though. 

This week's menu:

Monday - Chicken Fajita Salad
Tuesday - Mushroom & Swiss Sliders, steamed broccoli
Wednesday - Shrimp, angel hair pasta with tomatoes
Thursday - Pork Chops, red potatoes, steamed broccoli
Friday - Steak, stuffed mushrooms

Lunches (yes, I actually need to bring these this week - I have to get a hold of our weekly eating out budget!):  Wheat bread, tuna, turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, baked chips, apples

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Menu Plan - Week of 2-7-11

I've been lazy. I admit it.  And I really have no one to blame but myself.  I've been very busy at work (as long as you don't count the two snow days we had this week), and it just seems to take so much effort to eat healthy! My weight has been holding steady. My husband has been dropping pounds so quickly it is ridiculous.  He's down 40 pounds already.  Also... I didn't make any of the new recipes I had in mind last week. We ate a lot of chicken and mushrooms, or steak and asparagus, because those are what my husband can have. The little guy had mac & cheese and green beans. 

Anyway, assuming I do a (little) bettter this week, here is the plan!

Monday - Stuffed Mushrooms, grilled chicken breast
Tuesday - Queso Dip and chips
Wednesday - Baked potatoes with cheddar, sour cream, bacon
                   For Work - Mini Chocolate Mocha Cheesecakes
Thursday - Mushroom & Swiss Sliders
Friday - Leftovers


Friday, February 4, 2011

Behomian Highway Merlot

Bohemian Highway Merlot

3 stars out of 5.  I would definitely buy again.