Friday, October 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Good morning!  Welcome to the weekend.  The menu for next week has been planned early - last week's non-shopping experiment didn't work out so well - we ran out of snacks and sides, especially for the little one, very early in the week!  Shopping trip on Tuesday - Cub Foods $79 + Target $59 - included $10 for charity and the rest was grocery/home goods/personal goods. 

For this week:

Monday - Roast, veggies, baked potatoes
Tuesday - Breaded chicken, green beans, rice
Wednesday - Pulled beef BBQ (from leftover roast), veggies, leftover rice
Thursday - Cheesy chicken & mushrooms over pasta, caprese salad

Snacks - cheese & crackers, hard boiled eggs, nilla wafers for the husband, bananas and animal crackers for the little one

Cinnamon Apple French Toast
Stuffed Bread Sticks using this pizza dough
No-knead bread

Lunches this week & next - tuna salad on pita, chicken salad on croissant

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